Comparing Protein: Which Is Right For You?

Comparing Protein: Which Is Right For You?

Our ability to extract the protein from almost any food these days, means that you’re assured significant gains whichever one you choose — but hold on. When it comes to micronutrients, not all protein blends are the same. Some are faster-acting than others, and some are higher in omega fatty acids. There’s a little bit more to it than simply dairy or non-dairy.

To help you choose, we’ve highlighted the benefits of some of the most popular types of protein, all of which can help you gain lean muscle, and feel awesome.

Whey Protein: Fast-acting

The original, and in many ways, still the best. Whey protein is made from milk (usually cow’s) so if you can stomach that, then you’re never going to go far wrong. Whey protein is fast-acting, which is exactly what you want post-session. Its protein breaks down quickly into the essential amino acids needed for muscle to grow, and because milk’s only purpose is growth, the protein content in whey is high.


Why we love it: fast-acting, contains everything you need for mass gains.

Egg Protein: Pure and Simple

With virtually zero carbs and fat, egg protein is not messing around. It’s loaded with arginine and leucine, whose roles are to kickstart muscle growth, pronto. Dairy-free, of course, so ideal if you’re lactose intolerant, and just like whey, egg protein breaks down into its essential muscle-building components quickly.


Why we love it: Pure, dairy-free, rich in muscle-building amino acids.

Hemp Protein: Nutrient-dense

Far from the stuff the stoners use to get high, hemp protein is one of the richest sources of plant protein around, and comes with the added benefit of a boat-load of vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids.

As well as being ideal for those who can’t use dairy or egg protein, hemp protein is also a great option for vegan bodybuilders. High in protein, and packed with omegas 3 and 6, as well as calcium, iron and B vitamins, hemp protein is a definitely a smart choice.


Why we love it: Loaded with protein, vitamins and omegas. Perfect for vegan bodybuilders.

Brown Rice Protein: Cholesterol-friendly

Studies have shown brown rice protein to be just as effective at building lean muscle as whey protein. That makes it a great choice whether you’re vegan,lactose-intolerant, or not. A typical serving of brown rice protein (45g) contains roughly 28g or protein, plus all nine essential amino acids, needed for muscle repair and recovery. Brown rice protein is also packed with vitamins and other nutrients, which can help to lower levels of bad cholesterol, and protect your heart.


Why we love it: Dairy-free, high in protein, helps to lower bad cholesterol.

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Jonathan Naish

Jonathan Naish

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