Supermass – a brand you should get to know

Supermass – a brand you should get to know

SUPERMASS NUTRITION is a brand formulated and designed by a Finnish bodybuilding legend, Marko “SUPERMASS” Savolainen. This product line focuses on no-compromise, most hardcore products which contain huge amounts of functional ingredients best suited for the product in question. The line includes, for example, preworkout products, intra-workout products, recovery drinks, meal replacements, fat burners, special protein blends etc. Marko is known for his no-prisoners attitude towards training and fitness in general and therefore the products represent the creator of the brand especially well. The product line is targeted for the most enthusiastic fitness advocates and athletes, who want to turn every stone in regards of their training and nutrition and want to reach even the last inch of their performance level.

The product line consists of a wide array of products aimed at increasing one’s work capacity, improving recovery, gaining more from your training, enhancing the growth of muscle mass and strength and improving body composition.

The ZONE-series is the around-training product line that consists of PREZONE, INTRAZONE and AFTERZONE. PREZONE is the most complete pre-workout product that contains each and every ingredient to get the most out of oneself and break personal records. There is also a stimulant-free version of PREZONE to give all the other benefits of the product except the stimulant effect, for example to athletes whose bodies do not tolerate stimulants well or train late in the evening.

INTRAZONE is used during training to keep the intensity high, quality of sets and training in general on a peak level and works as a pre-emptive recovery enhancer. AFTERZONE is the most advanced recovery drink available in the market, packing quality proteins and carbohydrates with added amino acids and special muscle mass and strength supporting ingredients, for example free acid -form HMB.

SUPERMASS NUTRITION has also many other top level products that improve your well-being, enhance performance and increase recovery between training sessions. PRO-MEAL is a great example of this. It is a meal replacement product that has a 50-50 ratio of proteins and carbs. Proteins come mainly from whey and casein, and the carbohydrates come fully from wheat flour! This means the product has no sugars in it. PRO-MEAL also contains a superfood blend and added vitamins and minerals. Another great product is GOOD NIGHT, a protein and sleep quality improving night product that is used before bedtime. It contains high quality proteins and a big array of ingredients that reduce the time taken to fall asleep, improve sleep quality and deepen it. This equals to enhanced recovery and furthermore better performance.

Other great additions to SUPERMASS NUTRITION include the “king of pre-workouts”, INZANE which contains superior stimulants and herbs to prime your engine to surpass your limits and break records. PRO BURN is the ultimate fat burner to shred body fat and improve body composition. PRO-FUEL is a peptide protein and cyclic dextrin carbohydrate containing intra product to fuel your body during the toughest of workouts. SUPERCARB is the top-level carbohydrate product to supplement together with, for example, INTRAZONE when you need rapid fuel for your workouts. It also works as a pre-workout carbohydrate loader and after-workout glycogen loader. SUPER WHEY ISOLATE is the Ferrari of proteins when you are looking for the most advanced whey product. In addition to top-quality whey isolate, it is enriched with digestive enzymes, probiotics and AstraGin.

The SUPERMASS SUPPORT-series contains products to improve one’s overall health, well-being and organic function. ESTRO BLOCKER is a premium quality hormonal system optimizer to block aromatase and tune up your body to work as it should. LIVER SUPPORT is a liver aid aimed at detoxing one’s body of unnecessary substances from one of the hardest working organs and increase overall well-being. JOINT SUPPORT is the most complete joint health product in the market to help the recovery of joints and tendons, increase range of motion and aid in aches and pains typical to a hard training regimen.

If you have been looking to take your training to the next level, look no further than SUPERMASS NUTRITION!

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Jonathan Naish

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