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Ben Driver (bendriverfitness) – A Key Mass Ambassador

Ben Driver (bendriverfitness) – A Key Mass Ambassador
  1. When did you start the gym

I started going to the gym when I was 18, so about 8 years ago now. I have always trained in one way or another though but up until this point my training was very much body weight based.


  1. Where do you workout 

I am a personal trainer out of two gyms and so I pretty much stick to training at their facilities. I will occasionally train elsewhere if I am wanting to use a particular piece of equipment, i.e when I’m looking to do Glute-ham raises the equipment needed is not too common!


  1. what does a typical training week look like?

I do resistance or weight training 5 times a week. Currently my split looks like this:

Monday –          Hamstrings/Calves

Tuesday –          Chest/Shoulders

Wednesday –    Back

Thursday –        OFF

Friday –             Quads/Calves

Saturday-         Chest/Shoulders

Sunday –           OFF


I only train back once a week as I feel this is one of my strongest body parts and as legs and chest are a lot weaker I train them twice a week. I found this approach has really helped me to bring those lagging body parts up.

Depending on whether I am cutting or not will depend on the length and number of my cardio sessions. However, I tend to try and keep 3-5 sessions in a week, separate from my weight training sessions.


  1. What does a typical days eating look like?

Meal 1

80g oats

60g whey

10g coconut oil in black coffee

10g L-Glutamine

3g Acetyl L-Carnitine


Intra workout drink

15g Essential Amino Acids

30g Maltodextrin


Post Workout drink

50g whey

50g maltodextrin

10g L-Glutamine


Meal 2

125g oats

250g white fish



Meal 3

250g chicken

80g basmati rice



Meal 4

60g whey

80g oats


Meal 5

200g steak or salmon

2 whole eggs



Meal 6

60g casein

30g peanut butter


  1. Who are your sponsors 

My current sponsor is Mass – they believe in what I’m trying to do and have given me a massive opportunity that I appreciate and have seized with both hands. I am excited for what the future holds and getting to work closely with this awesome company.

  1. Who do you look up to (in the business) 

 I don’t really have any idols but I do respect a lot of people in the industry. For physique and work ethic I look up to people like Sadik Hadzovic. One bodybuilder I have always looked up to is probably Antoine Vaillant, he has always had a great positive outlook and brings personality to an industry that can sometimes be lacking.

  1. If I could help someone who’s start starting, I would say..

Don’t overthink everything. I spent the first few years of training bouncing around programmes and second guessing myself at every corner. You’ll learn so much in your first few years that you will change your opinion on different styles of training a lot. What I would suggest is that you find a program you enjoy doing and commit to it for at least 8 weeks before moving on. Here’s the thing, most methodologies work. Being consistent is priority and everything else will follow.


  1. If there is something thinking to compete, I would tell them…

It’s always great to have a goal in mind as it can really help you focus your training and keep your nutrition in check. If you want to compete then absolutely go for it but just ensure you have every tool at your disposal. If your diet, training and supplementation isn’t on point you need to understand the person standing next to you on stage most likely has everything in place! I would also say compete for yourself, use competition as a way to keep you on track and focused.

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