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Mass UK: Who Are We?

Mass UK: Who Are We?

Maybe you found us because you’re looking for the best protein on the market? Or maybe you are looking for supplements to take your training to the next level? Whatever the reason, you found Mass UK. You found quality nutrition for the focused athlete.

Mass is Nordic’s premier sports nutrition brand. Since 2006 we’ve been providing Europe with everything from the highest quality performance powders, affordable pre-workouts and gainers, to training gear, training programmes, nutrition advice, and snacks. Now it’s time to bring all of that to the UK.

Who Are Mass UK?

We believe in power, performance, and pride.

There is power in what we do. All of our products are precisely formulated to help you be the best you can be. Our proteins are top quality, produced in award-winning facilities, and with full control of all ingredients. We stop at nothing to ensure that our proteins contain only the very best raw ingredients.

The best performance is what we strive for. All of our products are designed to support and enhance your performance to help you train better, harder, and for longer. Our pre-workout, Mass Pump, gives you the energy to push through those tough workout, and increase blood flow to get that desired pump.

You can be proud to be part of team Mass. All of our products are something to be proud of. Our snacks have been developed with recovery in mind. We use the best ingredients and balance macros so that you get the energy you need between meals. Mass UK won’t let you down.

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What We Do

We raise the bar. Literally.

We lift heavy, run fast, and eat hard. And we’re pretty passionate about it. And that’s the way it should be. We design products that we believe in, that we are passionate about, and that we use ourselves.

It starts with bio-science. Our expert nutritionists experiment with quality ingredients to develop the finest products that help you excel and perform. Whether it’s on the deadlift platform or the bodybuilding stage, they develop the best products to help you. Then they make sure that they meet and even exceed the strict Nordic regulations. Basically, they do the hard work so that you don’t have to. Then their secret formulation is produced in state-of-the-art laboratories and delivered straight to your door. From there, it’s up to you to deliver the results. Show us where our products fit into your journey on Facebook and Instagram.

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What Can We Do?

The Mass blog is yours. It’s your space to talk everything Mass, from nutrition, to training clothes, to recipes, to workouts, to recovery tips.

Join team mass and #raisethebar.


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