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Ozzy Zaheer (odyssius93) – A Key Mass Ambassador

Ozzy Zaheer (odyssius93) – A Key Mass Ambassador
  1. When Did You Start The Gym?
    I began gym back when I was in school as I always had a love for sports and loved the challenge of getting better in everything I did, at the time I was more into football but just did gym on the side. As a child I was always quite chubby so would go to the gym to feel better about myself and really enjoyed the changes I would see in my body as well as my friends would. Later on after leaving school at the age of 18/19 I went off to university to study which completely took me off gym and I lived off no sleep and a poor diet. Towards the end of my first year I looked at myself and saw I had lost a lot of weight and decided to go gym and also leave university as I didn’t enjoy it and from there I went to live the working life and made going to the gym a lifestyle and have constantly improved since then. Since I decided to compete in 2014 I have continued to improve and learn more and plan on doing so for the coming years until I get my championship title and become a force in the sport.
  2. Where Do You Workout
    I am currently working at a gym called Maximums in slough who I will be representing at my next show. But I also use gyms closer to me just for the cardio machines as it is quicker for me to get to in the morning. I prefer training in hard-core atmospheres and get pushed beyond my limits training in hard-core gyms.
  3. What Does A Typical Week Look Like?
    My workouts are varied, I can train 7 times a week non stop, I sometimes do push/pull splits depending on how good my recovery is. I never follow the same routine, as I follow this as a lifestyle I like to keep it varied. I just listen to my body.
  4. What’s Does Your Meal Plan Look Like?
    Meal plans for dieting are not too complicated, when I am preparing for a show I play around with my carb intake and base my biggest carb meals around my workout but at the start of the diet I will have 1 extra meal of complex carbohydrate and will remove that from my diet and will keep doing that whilst increasing my cardio up to a maximum of 2 hours a day.
  5. Who Are Your Sponsors?
    I am currently sponsored By MASSFI UK and look forward to working with them for future plans and to represent the company at my next competition.
  6. Who Do You Look Up To?
    In the industry I look up to athletes who live their normal working lives, I never aspire to look like anyone as we all have our own genetic potential and features. I just wish to excel in my hobby which is bodybuilding whilst living a happy family life and career path as well. I am still searching for that right balance in life.
  7. If You Could Give Advice To A Beginner, It Would Be?
    If I could help someone starting I would say just stay consistent in what you do and you will see results in anything! When it comes to the gym you must be consistent, some will get quicker results than others but you WILL make a change if you dedicate yourself to it because we all learn as time goes on. The gym requires 1-2 hours of your time and focus, the rest just requires you to eat clean. But at the end of the day that is down to you. But to get results, get started!
  8. What Would You Tell Someone Looking To Compete?
    If you are willing to compete be ready to make sacrifices and be very tired! It does not come easy but it is very rewarding both physically and mentally. I believe my rebounds after all three of my diets have benefited me and all my preps have taught me so much about my body. It is absolutely amazing being on stage, even if it is for 10 minutes.


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