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Tom Stoltman (Pro Strong Man): A Key Mass Ambassador

  1. When did you start working out?

    I started working out when I was 17.  I was never really into the gym as I was always playing football. I did eventually decide to stop as I was keen to join my local gym in order to get a bit bigger – Strongman wasn’t on my mind at this point.

  2. When did you realise you wanted to be a Strongman?

    I realised I wanted to be a Strongman when I started watching it on TV and saw the likes of Thor and Big Z demonstrating strength and power unachievable by the average human – easily dead-lifting cars and stones etc.  Luke, my older brother, who is a Strongman took me to a bigger gym and started getting me to perform a variety of Strongman exercises such as lifting stones, farmers walk and yolk walks – from that moment I fell in love with it, and wanted to be like him.

  3. Where do you train?

    I workout in Forge gym in Inverness which has a lot of strongman equipment.  Stones, farmers, yolk, the lot.  I also workout at my bros garage, which again has all strongman equipment you could need along with conventional lifting equipment like squat racks etc.  I also workout at my workplace, Silverback gym, which is a cracking family friendly gym. I do a lot of my accessory work and my gym lifts in here.  All 3 gyms are great and are helping me get to that world stage.

  4. What does a typical training week look like?

    I usually do:
    Legs on Monday
    Press on Tuesday
    Conditioning and arms Wednesday
    Thursday press again
    Friday back
    Saturday events
    Sunday accessory work or rest day
    That’s my basic week and I never usually change it unless I’m in a run-up to a comp. I would do an event a day plus events on weekend to keep me dialed up and on top of everything.  I usually work out for min 1 hour to up to 2 and half hours if it’s an event day etc.

  5. What does your meal plan look like?

    My meal plan is quite simple really.  I don’t follow any particular structure, I basically eat until I’m full.
    My meals consist of chicken, rice, sweet potatoes and pineapple on top or I have steak, fish, pasta with mash potatoes and veg.
    I usually have at least 2 or 3 of these kinds of meals a day then I just get the rest of my calories in by drinking shakes and eating everything I see.  This benefits me as I like a cheat meal so if I crave one I eat one and I’ve always done this and works best for me.
    I don’t count calories.  Like I said, I’m lucky as I just eat until I’m full.

  6. Who are your sponsors?

    My supplement sponsor is obviously Mass Nutrition – I’m mad excited about the opportunities that come along with this sponsor and can’t wait to see what the future holds. Another sponsor is Cerberus strength who support me in providing me with lifting straps, wrist wraps, sleeves everything that crosses that line. Amazing products and have never used another brand since being on board with them.
    The Larder is a food van based outside the Forge gym who provide me with all my meals, make my shakes, and pretty much provide me with everything I need on the nutrition side of things. They are a huge help when it comes to training and competitions. Silverback gym wear who provide me with all sorts of gym clothing with amazing designs and are very comfy to wear. Lastly, Tanfastic is a sunbed/beauty place that help me finance comps and help me to look good at them.

  7. Who do you look up to?

    I look up to Thor who I think is going to be unstoppable this year.  I’ve always loved him as he brings the whole package to the game and his static lifting and pressing is now up there with the like of Eddie Hall and Big Z.  We are the same height and his build is what I want!  We are good at the same events too so, hopefully, I’ll be as good as him soon.  I also look up to my brother, Luke Stoltman, who has done so much in such a short career – winning SSM 4 times in a row and getting to perform on the world stage.  Training with him has really pushed me to become a better athlete – he is key to my motivation and is a true inspiration.

  8. If I could help someone who is starting, I would say…

    You need to focus on form!  Form over weight is critical during the early stages of learning your lifts as sacrificing form could lead to you having to sacrifice your gym career.  That’s the biggest bit of advice I would give to the new guys as it’s all worth it on the end.  Your weights will start flying and your body will feel great like – I’m a prime example of this!


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