How to Personalise Your Journal

The production process has been split into four easy steps, making it as efficient as possible. Tailoring the journals to your idea of perfection has never been easier.

PICKING YOUR COVER- The first step in the production process is to choose which front and back cover you would like for your journal. Unlike other journals you have freedom to choose your covers from a wide range of options.​

CHOOSING YOUR PAPER- The second step of the process encompasses selecting the type of layout you want your paper to have. Some options include blank for those who don't like any boundaries, lined for those who appreciate a bit of structure and grid for those who are perfectionist. ​

SELECT NUMBER OF PAGES- The third step is to choose the thickness of your journal. We offer you the possibility to either have a 90 page or 180-page journal and this is complete personal preference.

PUTTING IT TOGETHER- The final step in personalising your journal is deciding on how it is binded. Our standard of binding our journals is through a combination of stitching and gluing to make sure the journal can open a full 180 degrees. However, if you prefer spiral binding that is also possible. ​

personalise your journal
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