Journal Inspiration

How to Journal?

Here at Element we want to create an inclusive community that inspires self expression and personal growth. We want to show how you can achieve this through journaling.

There are no rules, quite frankly it can get messy, but feel free to follow along with some of our tips and tricks! We will be posting regularly different ways to customise your journal and how to get the most rewarding use out of it.

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We believe in a welcoming space where people inspire and get inspired. 

Journaling Styles

Journals can be used to set goals, express gratitude, reduce stress and anxiety, and, improve your working memory!

We can offer some guidance in how to achieve these goals by establishing four different approaches: Crafting, Drawing, Planning, and, Writing.

Regardless of the route you decide to take, we want you to feel your journal is unique and personal to yourself. Feel free to get creative and enjoy your time journaling!

We would love to know how you get on so don't hesitate to share with us something you feel proud of. 

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