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How do you go about picking the best pre-workout formulas? Look out for the following ingredients and pick a blend of the ingredients that work best for you:

  • Beta-alanine – increases the amount of force that your muscles can contract with. An interesting side effect of beta-alanine supplements are the “tingles”, a common sensation often experienced in the face and hands
  • Caffeine – this popular ‘pick me up’ supplement can be found in almost all pre-workouts in varying concentrations. Somewhere between 250mg and 500mg is typical, but beware, more isn’t necessarily better and can often leave individuals feeling sick, demotivated and with an intense post-workout energy crash
  • Citrulline – converted into arginine, and, once ingested, it can lead to great pumps
  • Creatine – known for its ability to increase strength output, increase muscle size and volume and prolong intense/explosive exercise
  • Green tea extract – as well as being a strong antioxidant, green tea also acts as a mild stimulant and helps to speed up metabolism
  • Yohimbe – can lead to more fat being available in the body for energy during workouts
  • Taurine – an energy booster proven to improve endurance.

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