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Product Overview

In the body there are 20 amino acids. Branched chain amino acids are a structurally unique class of essential amino acids which includes Leucine, Iso Leucine and Valine. Mass Leucine is 100% Leucine with nothing else added to or taken away from it. This product helps regulate blood sugar levels and is therefore ideal when taken as part of a low calorie diet in order to help protect and maintain muscle tissue.

Key Benefits

  • One of the strongest and most important of the amino acids.
  • One of the strongest anabolic agents naturally available to human beings
  • Shown to prevent overstress and overtraining which can take months to recover from.
  • Available in 250g, 500g and 1kg pouches

Suggested Use

Add one serving (3g) of powder to a shaker full of water or juice and enjoy twice daily. This supplement is best enjoyed on an empty stomach - we suggest pre and post workout.


L-leucine powder.

Nutritional Information

Serving Size1 tsp (3 g)

Nutritional Values

  Per Serving
L-leucine 3 g

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Mass Leucine

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Mass Leucine