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Powerlifitng – the ultimate test of strength and power. 

In this sport, athletes have three attempts to lift a maximum weight on one single rep of the following three lifts: Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift. With very strict rules on form, athletes are required to master the exact technique of each lift, to be able to push a weight often much heavier than their own body weight. Participants are divided in to weight classes, which differ depending on the branch of the sport that they compete in. Raw powerlifting forbid any kind of aiding equipment apart from chalk and a lifting belt. Equipped powerlifting permit aiding equipment, such as straps and suits.

Ultimately, powerlifting is about maximum strength for a single rep, which requires explosivity, power, and determination. We aim to provide athletes shopping with Mass the highest quality products on the market, to increase their chances to excel beyond their own limits in each meet they enter.

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